• What the Body Requires for Detoxification and Healing

    I thought I’d do a brief recap and go over 5 of the major areas that I focus on first with clients in order to bring healing into the body. These are not the only things that may need to be addressed, but for most people, when you start cleaning and removing toxins from these 5 major areas, you can start feeling a difference almost immediately. When I discovered the missing link and how these systems worked together, it was a game changer in my health journey. I don’t want you stumbling around in the dark like I did so I’ll explain each of them below: #1 – Lymphatic System – the Key to it All – There are other systems on this list that actually affect the condition of the lymphatic system. Diet being the main one, but I put the Lymphatic System as #1, because it was the missing link for me and I’m guessing most DIY healers out there. The importance of the lymphatic system is tremendously underestimated. Medical doctors don’t seem to understand or address it at all. However, the lymphatic system works overtime to move excreted wastes and acids from your cells and the interstitial spaces…

  • Celebrate Good Health!

    Holidays are those times when all of the things we love come together – good food and family & friends. But when you’ve decided to change your eating to elevate your health, holidays can be a little tricky. For someone who has decided to detox however, this holiday poses a lot of challenges. First of all, there’s just so much delicious food involved. Second, you may have friends and family that are skeptical or even flat out against your choice to change your diet and detox yourself with “just fruit and veggies”. There will also be those who don’t oppose it, but just won’t understand why you aren’t drinking a beer or eating a hot dog or hamburger like everyone else. You could decline and stay at home (maybe the safer choice), bring your own food, or go and eat nothing at all. Either way you are more than likely going to be asked to explain your choices. How you handle the family celebrations may depend on where you are on your journey:. 1) Just Getting Ready to Start.If you haven’t yet started your transition diet at all or if you want to go cold-turkey on a raw food, fruit…

  • 6 Tips to Avoid Self-Sabotage

    For so long I did the self-sabotage dance with my health – one step forward, two steps back. I’d stay on a fruit diet for 50, even 55 days – looking great and sensing the healing beginning. But when my body was ready to go into deep cleansing mode – and it seemed to happen right before the 60 day point – I’d give in to a small temptation and shortly thereafter, spiral down into what I call “false deprivation justification”. Basically, justifying everything bad I put into my mouth or overeating, because afterall “didn’t I just go two months eating only fruit”. Then I’d justify eating the onion rings or something worse. The shame and disappointment of “perceived failure” and subsequent verbal self-abuse can become all-consuming. “What’s wrong with me”, “why can’t I stay focused”, “I saw this person or that person on YouTube and they did it – Why can’t I”? (Comparisons are also another way we self sabotage, of course). But the reality is – it’s all progress – the twists and turns and detours. So how do you mitigate self-sabotage? Here are some things that I had to implement in order to get to my health breakthrough. I…

  • Happy Father’s Day!

    So many men are amazing fathers. They do their best and they deserve our support and love. My own father passed of a congenital heart condition before I was 4 years old. I know as a woman I am still living with the void it has left in my life. So all the great Fathers out there. Putting it all on the line for their children – We salute you. We value you in our lives and we want you to be healthy and strong. If you already eat healthy – Bravo! If you know you need a little more fruit and veggies in your life – then Eat Up! No one can replace you and your health is vital. Enjoy this day!

  • Nourishment for the Body and Spirit

    In order to feed our spirit and body we must nurture ourselves with Conscious food. So what’s considered conscious food? It is food that has life and gives life. Conscious Food is Living. Raw. Electric. And provides the highest most available and easily digested nutrition to the cells in our body. Naturally this includes the highest vibrational food – Fruit and vegetables. Food that is cooked, processed, from animal sources are the least electric and conscious. Those foods have been “killed” through heat, industrialized, or not meant for human consumption anyway. I love the saying “Pay your Farmer and not your Pharmacist”. It accompanies the image above. When you consume foods from the earth. That has fallen from the trees at their moment of ripeness to attract us much like the flowers to the bees. – we are truly living from nature’s bounty and following natural laws of medicine and healing. Consume as many fresh fruit and veggies as possible. Avoid dairy, animal protein, fast foods, snack foods, and pastas. Ignite your body on a cellular level! Tamera at detoxyourway.com

  • Love. Meditate. Pray. DETOX.

    COVID19 has definitely placed an importance on our health. Now, more than ever if is imperative that we fortify our body’s immune system through detoxification. Removing stagnant lymph throughout the body and removing mucus from the lungs and sinuses will assist in you in combating the virus. Use a netty pot and try decongestant herbs such as pleurisy, mullein, and fenugreek. But most importantly. STAY HOME and STAY SAFE Tamera at detoxyourway.com

  • The Will to Heal

    The WILL to Heal It’s Already mid-March. Wow! And it’s been an interesting first few months in this new decade.  The corona virus epidemic has put a lot of things in perspective. First and foremost it reminds us that our health is one of the most precious things we have. Keep in mind that our level of vulnerability to this dangerous virus, or any would-be invader for that matter, is directly related to our body’s ability to eliminate metabolic waste and how much of that waste has already accumulated within the body. Viruses may definitely slow you down, but they mainly wreak the most havoc if the body’s internal environment is hospitable to it.  Therefore, the acidic waste must come out in order to strengthen the immune system. Start NOW. If you vowed to focus on your health at the start of 2020 then there is no better time to recommit than right now.  If you didn’t have a reason before, let the corona virus be the spark that ignites your Willpower now. Right now, this morning, fortify yourself with the affirmation that “I am healing myself through nature’s abundance. The living consciousness of fruit and herbs is my medicine.”…