Just Add Water Detox


Yes, it’s that simple and nothing to really prepare. Just drink 16 – 32 oz of water with the juice of 1/2 or a whole lemon or lime (I prefer lime) when you wake up and before eating or drinking anything else. This revs up your metabolism and the water helps get your bowels active earlier in the day which moves toxins out of your body. Not to mention how the lemon & lime are great cleansers. Then repeat this at least 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.


Just adding water and lemon to your diet. Think about it – there’s all kinds of lemon powered cleaners for furniture, dishes, the toilet bowl, etc. Citrus juice removes grease (aka fats) out of our body. So this simple act of adding water with lemon or lime to your daily routine does absolute wonders to your “innards” and of course, your skin.


The best thing about the Teeny Weeny Detox is that it is so minimal it’s like your being lazy, but you aren’t. There’s no ramping up to it or preparation. And it doesn’t require that you change anything else in your diet. The only caveat is that you make sure you get at minimum of 64oz of water daily. And trust me – unless you are a kid or weigh less than 100 lbs or so – 64oz of water is really a minimum amount of water. Wait until you start adding more water to your diet. – You’ll realize just how damn thirsty you’ve been all this time.


So although this Teeny Weeny Detox is as easy as detoxing can get, you may still have some concerns such as:

1) Will I have to pee all the time? – So yes! at first you might, but this is a GOOD thing. Soon, your body will get used to all the waterlove coming in daily and will adjust.


2) Is it possible to drink too much water – Yes, this is also true. The danger of drinking too much water comes from flushing too many of your electrolytes out of your body. But this is extremely unlikely. I mean are you really going to drink like two gallons of water? I doubt it. Also, lemon has its own electrolytes. Just stick to the 16-32 oz before each meal while making sure you get at least half your weight in ounces and you’ll be fine. For example – if you weigh 150lbs. Your minimum would be 75oz. You can drink more depending on your activity level, but it is pretty hard to drink dangerous levels of water.



16-32 oz of water with lemon before breakfast, lunch, and dinner


So go water yourself!!