Customized 12-Week Detox Plan


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Your iris analysis and health profile will be used to develop a customized 8-week herbal protocol that will address your specific weaknesses. The goal is to provide you with a focused plan to bring as much functionality back into the body as possible in this 8 week time.

Along with your diet, this 8 week plan will be a great start to your journey of detoxification and regeneration and may even accomplish your overall goals depending on your specific health challenge.

In weeks 1-4, you will concentrate on kidney filtration, parasite removal, endocrine gland balance, and intestinal toning. Simultaneously, you will begin focusing on the weaknesses that need immediate attention as identified in your iris analysis and health profile. You will begin to alkalize the body and bring forth more energy flow.

Weeks 5-8 will guide you into an even deeper level of detoxification, focusing on lymph movement and glandular strength, all the while continuing to bring balance into the weaknesses. This is the time frame that many clients need the most emotional support and encouragement to stay on track and get to there personal breakthrough. As the layers of toxic matter is released from the body and you will more than likely re-experience past pains – both emotional and mental as well as periods of joy and exhilaration.

Weeks 9-12 will support you as you go into another layer of cleaning and strengthen the body. This time frame usually brings unexpected and cylical releases of toxic matter from the head, bowels, and lungs. You will also see great improvements in your mobility and clarity depending on where you are in your detox journey. For some the 3rd month of detoxification is just the beginning in moving the stagnant lymph and sewage from the body.

Included in the 12 week Detox Plan:
1) Iris Analysis – mapping of iris to determine soft tissue weaknesses
2) Customized Detox plan – Herbal formulas and dosages created for your specific needs
3) Detox Handbook pdf – Guide to the 8 week program. Diet, expectations, symptoms you may experience, and recipes to keep you motivated and satisfied
4) Weekly Check-in call (video call if available)
5) unlimited, 24 hour email access

1) Herbal Formula recommendations (we use Dr.Robert Morse Herbal Formulas and various glandular brands). Herbal formulas will be ordered by DetoxYourWay and shipped directly to you.


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