Iris Analysis


Receive an Iris Analysis to better understand the condition of your health


Discover the areas in the body that are weak with the time-tested practice of iridology.

The iris is mapped to the various organs in the body in order to determine any weaknesses. The iris analysis is used along with the questionnaire to assist in the herbal medicine protocols that are best for your body.

If you wish to have a customized program created specifically for you – the iris analysis is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED in order to create a highly specific program to directly address your individual health needs.

The analysis can also be paired with a Pre-made plan in order to better inform your self-guided program.

PLEASE NOTE – You will need to take a close up photo of your eye and email it to in order have the iris analysis done. Please see the instructions for the eye photo below:
1) Take the photo during daylight hours.
2) Choose a room with adequate indoor daylight (close to windows).
3) Use a timer and tripod or have someone else hold the camera.
4) Use a small flashlight or penlight at a 45 degree angle to the eye. This helps capture the depth of the iris.
5) get as close as you can to the eye and take the photo.


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