My 32-Day Water Fast

A little while back, I went to a fasting retreat in Hawaii and underwent a supervised water fast for 32 days, plus 8 days of re-fooding. My goal was to completely heal my body and shrink my fibroid tumors before choosing surgery. It was awesome – very spiritual and incredibly healing.

I decided to write a book about the experience and make it a handbook for others seeking detailed fasting information and a first hand account of what it’s like to do an extended water fast.

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I learned these 3 main things:

  1. A water fast is at the top of the detoxification pyramid. Nothing really can compare. It’s intense, it’s body intelligence at it’s finest, and although it’s very simple, it’s not an easy notion. It takes preparation, knowledge, and commitment.
  2. It’s not the answer for everyone, every time, or every illness. In some instances it may be the logical decision – a quick 3 day water fast could clear up some mild stagnation lickity-split. Done! However, it may not be an effective option for some cancers or more progressed illnesses. In some instances, a different method of detoxification could be just as effective and preferred.
  3. It’s not a cure all for all eternity. I discovered shortly after my water fast that I wasn’t forever healed. The water fast did amazing work inside my body, but sustainable healing required daily attention, a shift in my lifestyle, and an understanding of how conditions are created in the body.

So did the Water Fast work for me?

The simple answer is a huge Yes! The fibroids did shrink, although not completely, and I did feel amazing because of the awful, and I mean AW-FUL, junk I was able to clean out of my gut.  (I was so grossed out by it that it took me a while to talk about it. I didn’t blog about it at the time because I was embarrassed – yes, embarrassed. Silly, but true).

However, the more complete answer is a combination of Yes and No. My ignorance of the detoxification process lead me back into bad habits. So eventually, the fibroids started growing back and that amazing feeling didn’t last as long as I’d hoped.

Can a Water Fast work for you?

Again, the simple answer is Yes – it really can. A Water Fast is the highest form of Detoxing, hands down, but you need to know why it works miracles and also, why it may not be the answer for you.  Do you really need to take time off work, isolate yourself, and guzzle high-quality water? Well, maybe. This is where education is key. You need a handbook for before, during, and after your fast, and hopefully, I can help.

I wrote a book about my adventures, first hand experience, and my research in water fasting to help folks know what they are getting into. It’s perfect for anyone thinking of undertaking a water fast for any length of time, but definitely for a longer one.

It’s 3 parts handbook (what, when, and how of Water fasting) and 1 part adventure (I talk about my dreams while fasting, my fasting housemates, and the Big Island in Hawaii). This book is based on my first hand fasting experience and knowledge (then and now) of the detoxification process.

When I was looking for water fasting information, I had to check several older books and websites, and then after my fast, I realized that no one told me about the limits of water fasting. I wanted to bring it all together in one handbook.

Several people have said it was a tremendous help in their preparation and expectations for their own Water Fast (and provided a few laughs).

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