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    Mad Modern Medicine

    Yesterday, I read that the Journal of American Medical Association found that medical treatment is the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, respectively. That’s very disheartening, to say the least. Here’s another scary fact. Based on a study done in England in 2014, approximately 8.4% of cancer patients died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy treatment. Meaning the “cure” for cancer killed patients faster than the actual cancer. But why? Well, the “why” is simple. The ph of chemotherapy drugs is around a 3. This is the acidity of battery acid. And it goes directly into a major artery during cancer treatment. It’s absolutely crazy when…

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    Back to the Basics of Detoxification

    Often times we get so eager to get on the other side of our health concerns that we are willing to try all the new things that the latest research has to offer or go straight for the most drastic change so that we can get back to our bad habits as fast as possible. We want to get to that advanced point on our path so badly, that we don’t always spend the time preparing and building the foundation to sustain the improvements that can eventually be achieved. Not only do we have to change the way we eat, but the way we think about healing and medicine. We…

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    3 Ways to Handle Detoxing on the Holiday

    Happy 4thof July! Holidays are those times when all of the things we love come together – good food and family & friends. But when you’ve decided to change your eating to elevate your health, holidays can be a little tricky. I mean, first of all, there’s just so much delicious food involved. Then you may have friends and family that are skeptical or even flat out against your choice to change your diet and detox yourself with “just fruit and veggies”. There will also be those who don’t oppose it, but just won’t understand why you aren’t drinking a beer or eating a hot dog or hamburger at the…

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    Could a Detox Cure your Migraine?

    When I had my 1stmigraine years ago I thought I was blacking out. There were bright lights flashing inside the corner of my eyes that gradually moved to fill my complete line of site. I was terrified. It wasn’t until afterward that I realized it was a classic migraine. I’ve only had about 2 that I can identify, but I am one of the lucky ones. There are some staggering statistics on people suffering from migraines and severe headaches: According to migraines.com70% of people that suffer from migraines are women; 25% of people that have migraines have more than one per week; and 47% of people with diagnosable migraine symptoms…

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    Day 3 of my Juice Fast and I was Blindsided!

    So, after thinking about it, reading up on it, and being consumed with knowing you need to, you’ve finally, FINALLY made the commitment to begin your Detox. You’ve already prepared for the next couple of days or so for the type of detox you’re ready for – whether you’re eating fruit, drinking juice, or eating salads and raw food. You know the first 3-5 days are going to be the toughest – mentally and physically, but you’re ready. Day 1 and Day 2 go as planned. You wanted to cheat but you didn’t. Awesome determination. But then on Day 3 it happens – one of the most stressful days in…

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    Contest – Win a Breville Juicer!

    Hi Everyone! We are back for our popular Juicer giveaway! Enter to win below! Now you can get even more chances to win when a friend enters the contest and uses your unique link. The more you share, the better your chances! The contest ends at midnight on June 11, 2018. Good luck! ENTER TO WIN NOW!  

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    The Zig-Zagged Path to Health

    It seems to never fail that when I get going on a good, consistent stretch of following my detoxification plan (fruit for breakfast and lunch, then a salad or at least raw food for dinner), my will power is tested. This past week I was sequestered with my co-workers for a departmental retreat and I have to confess that I “cheated”. I had every intention of being strong. I was packed & prepared! Since I was riding in a car and not flying, I thought it would be a cinch. I brought my juicer, 4 bags of apples, 2 bags of grapes, a small bag of lemons, and my special…