Back to the Basics of Detoxification

Often times we get so eager to get on the other side of our health concerns that we are willing to try all the new things that the latest research has to offer or go straight for the most drastic change so that we can get back to our bad habits as fast as possible. We want to get to that advanced point on our path so badly, that we don’t always spend the time preparing and building the foundation to sustain the improvements that can eventually be achieved. Not only do we have to change the way we eat, but the way we think about healing and medicine. We can spend money and time on the latest tea, exercise routine, and super food, or prescription, but if we haven’t fully rooted ourselves in the basics of detoxification and health regeneration, we will still not realize our most desired goal of complete healing.


The lesson that keeps presenting itself for me to learn is that – like it or not, and despite what I want to believe, the reality is that I am still working on the foundation of my health. And many of us are. There is no short cut. And unfortunately many of us aren’t willing to accept the amount of work and commitment that’s required to build that foundation. New cells are being created in our bodies constantly. But if those cells are built with inferior material the foundation and structure will still be weak.


So the work must be done.


Let’s do our part to understand and practice the basic principles of detoxification. Nature will do the rest:


  1. Acid/Alkaline: Healthy balance within the body comes down to the basic chemistry of acidity and alkalinity. To be healthy our bodies must have an alkaline environment (ph of 7.3 +/-). If you are too far below this then you are chronically acidic. An acidic body environment will result in damaged cells, cancers, tumors, inflammation, parasites, etc. Think of acid in its typical definition – something very hot that can burn, melt, distort, and harden. You don’t want anything like that going on inside you. If you are experiencing chronic or persistent health issues in the body, then you are more than likely acidic.
  2. Lymphatic Stagnation and Kidney Filtration: If you are acidic it usually comes down to two variations of the same problem: stagnation of the lymph in the body or the failure of the kidneys to adequately move the lymph to the bladder for urination. It may show up in different parts of the body based on an individual’s specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities, but it all comes down to the same thing: the acids can’t get out. The lymphatic system carries the acidic, metabolic waste to the kidneys. It is a complicated highway in the body that is 3X larger than the blood vessel network. If the lymph can’t move to the kidneys or if the kidneys can’t process the lymph out the body, the acids back up and start to burning tissue and damaging cells.
  3. Clean: To reverse an acidic environment you have to balance the body with alkaline foods (and thoughts!) and support the kidneys and the lymph system to regain their highest functionality. The foods to eat are the ones that are highest in alkalinity: Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits clean and vegetables help strengthen. For lymph movement you want to mainly clean with fruit, but strengthen at the same time with medicinal herbs and some vegetables. Amazingly for us Mother Nature made these foods easy to eat and readily accessible. They grow up from the ground or they fall off the trees for us to pick up when they have the highest nutritional value. That’s why a high fruit, raw food diet yields the best results in reversing disease. It was divinely designed that way. It can take 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer to turn a severely acidic body back to alkaline, but you will feel the difference a lot sooner. The foods to avoid are the acid foods and the worst offenders are dairy, animal protein, processed foods and processed sugars.
  4. Strengthen: You can support the lungs, kidneys, liver, endocrine system, digestion/elimination system and the nervous system with herbs (nature’s first pharmaceuticals) that increase their function. I will be doing an extensive list on these herbs in the next few posts.


Back to Basics. Back to Nature. Back to Health. It can’t be avoided so you might as well get started!

Happy Detoxing