Could a Detox Cure your Migraine?

When I had my 1stmigraine years ago I thought I was blacking out. There were bright lights flashing inside the corner of my eyes that gradually moved to fill my complete line of site. I was terrified. It wasn’t until afterward that I realized it was a classic migraine. I’ve only had about 2 that I can identify, but I am one of the lucky ones.

There are some staggering statistics on people suffering from migraines and severe headaches:

According to migraines.com70% of people that suffer from migraines are women; 25% of people that have migraines have more than one per week; and 47% of people with diagnosable migraine symptoms actually thought they had a tension or sinus headache. I know I have definitely complained about a tension headache while detoxing.

So what in the world is a migraine really? Well, that’s a great question, because it manifests differently for everyone; but for sure – no one who has ever had one will say it’s a simple headache. They are categorized by severe head pain that is usually accompanied by other symptoms. Sometimes it’s a true stabbing pain, dull throbbing, or fireworks inside your eyes. Some people get dizzy, nauseous or completely incapacitated.

The main question is how to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of migraines?

Looking at it from a detoxification standpoint, the body is trying to tell us that we have an acidic condition in our head and neck region. In an alkaline and balanced state – our overall goal with detoxification – the body does not experience pains, spasms, inflammation, or congestion because there is nothing blocking the flow of energy. However, when the body is dealing with chronic pain and inflammation (internally or externally) in a certain area we can make the connection to the underlying cause of the congestion or blockage to try to reverse it.

Clear the Sinuses: Try to get your sinuses drained to release mucus congestion in your head. This is easier said than done and can take time, but if your lymphatic system in your head is backed up then you will experience tension headaches, non-popping of your ears, and an increase in the discomfort of migraines.

There is an intricate network of lymphatic roadways in your head and neck region whose purpose is to carry mucus and other metabolic waste away from your brain and ultimately to your kidneys to be filtered out through the urine. If you have a stiff and knotty neck then you have stagnant lymph that isn’t draining and has nowhere to go.

Go ahead, right now, and feel around your neck area and see if you can feel groups of little hard knots along the tendons and muscles that run from your head to your shoulders. If you have these then the acidic metabolic waste within your lymphatic system in this area is starting to crystalize and harden. Are they more pronounced on one side than the other? This can let you know which kidney is filtering slower than the other.

Kidney filtration and Lymphatic drainage can be addressed by starting to detox – with fruits mainly, and also veggies and herbs that support the kidneys (parsley, dandelion, corn silk, juniper berry, couch grass, horsetail, stinging nettle leafto name a few).

Increase circulation: Get the energy moving in the head and neck region. Dr. Robert Morse recommends neural lymphatic massage (clockwise) on either side of the spine in the neck and upper back area to increase the energy flow to the nerves that connect to the brain and sinuses.

You can also start doing a gentle, but frequent massage of the neck and shoulders, kneading those knotty areas (if you have them) as you go through your day to try and loosen up the crystallized acids.

Exercise will also increase circulation and move lymphatic waste, but start slow and build your endurance. Yoga, walking, swimming, are all excellent and low impact.

Clean the Digestive Tract: Once I started learning about detoxification, I was amazed at how the head and intestines are so closely connected. These two systems are on opposite ends of the developing embryo and are among the first to develop shortly after fertilization. It’s no wonder that a headache in the front of the head tends to indicate a stomach issue. Or perhaps you have experienced a headache after an unpleasant bout of diarrhea or constipation. This studyconnected constipation with headaches in school children.

More specific to migraines – there have been studies that show the relationship between problems with the digestive system and the occurrence of migraines. According a 2006 report for BMC Gastroenterology, people that suffer with IBS are 40% to 80% more likely to also suffer from migraine, fibromyalgia, and depression in comparison to people without IBS.

So with plenty of supporting evidence, a detox to help clean the digestive system would be extremely helpful. Start by mixing one teaspoon of fiber with plenty of water about 2 hrs after dinner to start pulling those toxins out. Also try one of these detox dietswith natural fiber to strengthen and clean the digestive system.

Natural Pain and Spasm Control: If you can consider that at their core migraines are spasms of vascular tissue in the brain, we can superficially deal with the symptoms to help manage the immediate discomfort and pain.

Try one of these: St. John’s Wort, Valerian root, cramp bark, and scullcap to name a few. Or find a good herbal blend like Dr. Robert Morse’s Spasm Calm.

(FYI – I am not an affiliate for Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas and do not earn any commissions for recommending their products. However, I HIGHLY recommend that you try them!)

If you are migraine suffer, consider doing a detox and trying herbs to minimize your symptoms. Also get those sinuses drained, and start a low impact and low stress exercise program. You deserve to be free of that migraine prison!

Happy Detoxing!