Doubt Saved my Dog


My Sweet Charlie!

This is Charlie Brown. My adorable little shih-tzu mix.

I have a great veterinarian, but last year when he was two years old, I was told that Charlie’s right kidney would need to be removed. There was fluid build-up and it could eventually be fatal if the kidney ruptured. I was devastated.

When I asked the doctor how the condition occurred, he didn’t know. Then I asked what if after surgery the remaining kidney was similarly affected or had to work twice as hard and became overstressed? Again, he had no answer.

I was urged to schedule the surgery within the next two months, but I walked away that day knowing I wouldn’t call back for that.

I had too much doubt. I doubted the necessity of such major surgery. I doubted that it would help my dog’s issue more than the possible harm and trauma. I doubted the blanket theory that surgery is a solution to disease. And although I respect and like my vet, I doubted his ability to understand the reason for the condition.

All of that doubt was a powerful motivator for me to see if I could help Charlie naturally. I mean after all, I believe in Detoxification. So I took that knowledge and applied it to his care.

Over the next 12 months after the visit, I started giving Charlie nothing but fruit 1 or 2 days a week, then baked sweet potatoes with steamed and fresh veggies 2 to 3 days, and raw or gently dehydrated meat on the other days. Never mixing the three food groups together. My regimine for Charlie was based on the ebook Dog Nutrition 101 by Nora Lentz of Awesome information! I also started giving him a half dropper full of adrenal, kidney, and anti-parasite herbal formulas mixed together 3 days a week (after allowing the alcohol in the tinctures to evaporate overnight in a small, shallow bowl).

Finally, after avoiding the vet’s office for a full 12 months, I took Charlie back for his annual exam a couple of weeks ago. The doctor came back in after the sonogram and told me that Charlie’s kidney appeared normal. That in fact what had appeared to be a fluid filled kidney was a large cyst that had now shrunk enough to view the normal kidney behind it.

WOO-HOO!! No surgery for my little guy after all. What a relief!

But what if in a panic last year, I had decided to move forward with the surgery, despite all of my doubts? They would have put my sweet little dog to sleep and cut into him only to find a normal kidney and a cyst that didn’t require surgery after all.

Doubt is a signal to examine more closely.

Listen to what your intuition is telling you when it comes to your health. Doubt can be Powerful when challenging mainstream medical practices. Ask the questions you need answers to. And always research for yourself.

You may have doctors that say one thing and family that has opinions as well. I’m not saying to ignore medical advice or stop any medication. I’m only suggesting that you value your own intuition and tendency towards natural ways of healing just as much, or more in some cases, as their methods. Because – well, they could be wrong.

If they can’t tell you how the disease was created, then are they really able to help you recover from it?

That Doubt may be telling you to Detoxify instead.

Happy Detoxing,

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