Resolution VS. Reinvention

According to statistics, one third of people who make New Year’s resolutions will break their promises to themselves by Valentine’s Day. What a downer!

What is a resolution, really? In my opinion it’s a catch all for recognizing that we want to achieve something. A little more of this or maybe a lot less of that. Perhaps, we want to explore some new interests or actively seek out something or someone. Regardless of these singular goals, the source of it all is a personal commitment to ourselves that we are going to do something different in order to get different results – the desired results. This is much easier said, especially after the decadent holidays, than actually done.

But realistically, how do we build credibility with ourselves without a mental shift? How do we create a new vision for our lives?

Now that the excitement of January has died down a bit, thankfully, perhaps it’s a good time to Redefine ourselves more than make a list of resolutions to change. Maybe it’s about who we want to be and how we want to feel about ourselves?

My vision for the last few years has been to be the healthiest, best version of myself. So according to people who know way more than me, I need to visualize what that will look and feel like so that I can start to create the energy that can manifest my vision. So for me, I want to feel vibrant, have bright, clear eyes, feel refreshed when I wake up, work in my purpose of helping others heal, feel energized from the food I eat, and on and on. By visualizing how I want to feel and who I want to be, the hope is to create the life that will not only encourage the change, but also support the permanent integration of that change.

So, if you have already kind of, sort of forgotten your New Year’s resolution already – I say, who cares!! The odds were against you anyway. Lol! The real change is an internal shift into a brand new you. Ask yourself who do you want to be and then write it down, tell a friend, share it online, or create a vision board – just whatever feels good to you. But then visualize this version of you participating in your life every day. (Footnote: tweak vision as needed!)

Believe in and visualize positive change in 2019. With your health, your finances, your relationships, etc. Redefine it by living and breathing it, then maybe the “doing” won’t be as hard.

Since health is my focus – I can work with you (just email me) or I can point you to more resources that you can use on your own. But whatever you want out of your life this year, let’s avoid the resolution booby-trap and support each other in redefining our lives.

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