The Zig-Zagged Path to Health

It seems to never fail that when I get going on a good, consistent stretch of following my detoxification plan (fruit for breakfast and lunch, then a salad or at least raw food for dinner), my will power is tested. This past week I was sequestered with my co-workers for a departmental retreat and I have to confess that I “cheated”.

I had every intention of being strong. I was packed & prepared! Since I was riding in a car and not flying, I thought it would be a cinch. I brought my juicer, 4 bags of apples, 2 bags of grapes, a small bag of lemons, and my special blend of herbal tea.
But then on Day 2 of the retreat, there were homemade brownies for dessert. UH-OH! I couldn’t resist! I ate two of them. And oh, man, they were delicious! Then another whammy – that evening, the owner of the company had a large dinner prepared for us and guess what? I ate some garlic potatoes and asparagus . Not bad, but not the raw food I had been eating.
The next morning, I didn’t feel my best and I desperately wanted to get back on track.
So how am I recovering from this “cheat”?
1) Not calling it a cheat. What I did was slow down my body’s natural detoxification process. Cooked foods and refined sugar are acidic and cause mucus and lymph congestion, and can be especially harmful in an already congested system. Eating it requires my body to work extra hard to digest and find the nutrition in it, essentially stopping the detoxification momentum I had built up beforehand.
2) I’m taking my fiber daily. The fiber will help pull the toxic food wastes out of my colon. I want to make sure to keep everything moving.
3) I got back on my juicing and detoxification foods the very next morning. Back to my fruit and salads!
4) Most importantly – I left the guilt behind. I was disappointed that two brownies could bring me to my knees, but what I am grateful for is that I had been eating so good for so long that the brownies and cooked food made me feel sick! Yay! Confirmation that the detoxification program is working. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have even noticed the discomfort the next morning.

I’m sharing my temporary relapse so that you know that it happens. But to also let you know that the only really bad move would be to allow one day of getting sidetracked be an excuse to go crazy and eat everything you feel deprived of.

Don’t get mad with yourself, just get recommitted!

Just start the next day with the end goal in mind again – cleaning and strengthening your body. And then the next day, start again. And then the day after that, start again if you need to. And so on.

Staying committed to your end goal doesn’t mean perfection. It means consistency!

So keep going!

Tamera at Detox Your Way