What the Body Requires for Detoxification and Healing

I thought I’d do a brief recap and go over 5 of the major areas that I focus on first with clients in order to bring healing into the body. These are not the only things that may need to be addressed, but for most people, when you start cleaning and removing toxins from these 5 major areas, you can start feeling a difference almost immediately.

When I discovered the missing link and how these systems worked together, it was a game changer in my health journey. I don’t want you stumbling around in the dark like I did so I’ll explain each of them below:

#1 – Lymphatic System – the Key to it All – There are other systems on this list that actually affect the condition of the lymphatic system. Diet being the main one, but I put the Lymphatic System as #1, because it was the missing link for me and I’m guessing most DIY healers out there.

The importance of the lymphatic system is tremendously underestimated. Medical doctors don’t seem to understand or address it at all. However, the lymphatic system works overtime to move excreted wastes and acids from your cells and the interstitial spaces of fluids in the body. You can think of the lymph vessels as the sanitary piping system that safely takes waste away – like the pipes that go from our toilets to the sewer plant. I go into a little more detail here.

Once a cell excretes  metabolic acidic waste  – it’s the lymphatic vessels that grab those wastes and move them to the kidneys for processing. 

#2 – Diet For Detoxification – High Fruit, Raw Vegan– Detoxification is about balancing the chemistry in the body so that it can function properly and eliminate damaging acids. The Acid/Alkaline balance is mostly affected by the chemistry of the foods we eat.

When we start to eat highly electrical, conscious, life-giving alkaline foods (fruits and veggies), we bring in the base or alkaline chemistry that starts hydrating you on a cellular level.

The hydration that results from alkalinity gets that stagnant lymph moving, starts bringing fluidity into the tissues, begins breaking down all the coagulations. Making you lighter and freer! Thus, lessening the acidic load in the body. This also lessens the digestive energy required to break down the denser, acidic foods so that now the body use that extra energy on the natural detoxification processes. Bringing those system like the kidneys, for example, back “online”.

#3 – Kidney Filtration – Getting the Lymph Out. Poor abused kidneys. Really. They have the thankless job of filtering the waste dumped into it by the lymphatic system. Once the lymphatic highways of vessels pipe the wastes to the kidneys – the capillaries inside the kidneys filters the trash, medicines, etc., turns it into urine, and then moves them on to the bladder. If the lymph has too many acids and other wastes for the kidneys to filter, the kidneys can become inflammed and sore, but most unfortunately – they can stop filtering. This further leads to a back up of the lymphatic system. 

Two Facts about Kidney Filtration:
a) Urine should be cloudy not clear. When the kidneys are properly filtering the lymph out of the body, the urine will NOT be crystal clear – I don’t care how much water you drink.
And b) Often times what people mistake as a bad lower back is actually inflammation and stagnation of the kidneys, not their spine. It’s typically not a skeletal/spinal problem at all, but a lack of kidney filtration.

#4 – Adrenal Strengthening – Balancing the Hormones and Steriods. The adrenal glands are majorly important to a well balanced body. They produce neurotransmitters and hormones/steroids and thus affect the nervous system, reproductive organs, the fat, protein, and sugar metabolism, and electrolyte levels. Perhaps most damaging is the adrenal’s overproduction or underproduction of steriods/hormones.

When the adrenals no longer create or produce the correct amounts of these necessary hormones and steroids – cortisol, for example, that aids in the acidic breakdown processes of the body – it becomes another source of how the body starts backing up with acids.

#5 – Intestinal Health – Taking the trash out. The intestines remove digestive waste like the kidneys and the lymphatic system remove cellular waste. Howeverm putrefaction, fermentation, and constipation is created from an acidic diet, overeating, and improper food combinations (explained here). So instead of the waste moving out regularly (ideally one complete bowel movement per meal), the undigested waste starts to back up and cause a thick grayish, black mucoid coating to form. 

A backed up intestinal tract (and an acidic body in general) will also attract parasites and microbes into the body. Not a pleasant thought, but parasites are a reality for many, especially in bodies with lymphatic and digestive stagnation. These unwanted house guests assist in breaking down and eating the waste trapped inside of our bodies and guess what? The more trash, the more parasites and bacteria. As gross as it sounds, they’re just doing and making themselves at home in the process. These organisms give off ammonia and other toxic substances, which make your body even more acidic.