6 Tips to Avoid Self-Sabotage

For so long I did the self-sabotage dance with my health – one step forward, two steps back. I’d stay on a fruit diet for 50, even 55 days – looking great and sensing the healing beginning. But when my body was ready to go into deep cleansing mode – and it seemed to happen right before the 60 day point – I’d give in to a small temptation and shortly thereafter, spiral down into what I call “false deprivation justification”. Basically, justifying everything bad I put into my mouth or overeating, because afterall “didn’t I just go two months eating only fruit”. Then I’d justify eating the onion rings or something worse.

The shame and disappointment of “perceived failure” and subsequent verbal self-abuse can become all-consuming. “What’s wrong with me”, “why can’t I stay focused”, “I saw this person or that person on YouTube and they did it – Why can’t I”? (Comparisons are also another way we self sabotage, of course). But the reality is – it’s all progress – the twists and turns and detours.
So how do you mitigate self-sabotage?
Here are some things that I had to implement in order to get to my health breakthrough. I hope they can help you as well:
1. KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORTHY. Believing that you deserve wellness in your body and spirit is EVERYTHING. Choose to believe that you were not meant to suffer under illness. Expect vitality, boundless energy, and clear thought. No matter your age or condition. The essence of your spirit is free and does not know illness. Tap into your spiritually inherent right to perfect health.
2. REDEFINE SUCCESS. Success won’t look the same for you everyday. There is an ebb and flow to everything. Detoxification is the same. Some days will feel effortless to eat your fruit and drink your juice. You’ll feel energized and invincible with strong willpower.Then there will be days of healing crises (your body’s reaction to toxin releases) so uncomfortable that they may trick you into thinking that your health is getting worse, not better. But a healing crisis is a time for celebration. They signal the health breakthough you’ve been seeking. Those uncomfortable times actually determine your success, not the easy days. Knowing that they are expected and facilitate deeper healing will help you avoid giving up too soon.
3. LOOK FOR INSPIRATION. Healing your body does take desire and discipline, and it’s okay to get a little assistance. Find the motivation where you can. It doesn’t have to be in the form of another person on a similar journey. Maybe someone less fortunate than you. Or a cause bigger than you. Perhaps you can dedicate your journey to a charity that’s dear to your heart.
4. RECALL PRIOR SUCCESS. Think back to times in your past when you met a challenge head-on and succeeded despite the obstacles or odds. Knowing that you successfully managed and removed a road block in your past reminds you that you can apply that same mindset when it comes to your health today.
5. MARATHON VS SPRINT. Be realistic about the time that it may take to reach your health goals. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t see the improvements you hoped for as fast as you wanted. Detoxifying and regenerating the body is not an instant gratification process. We often hope that healing is a one or two month process, when in actuality it may be a one or two year process. However, when you can look back over the long distance – minor setbacks will seem insignificant compared to your overall gains.
6. THERE IS AN END GOAL. Your body won’t always be in “healing mode”. The goal of detoxification of the body is to remove stagnation and blockages, restore function to systems in the body, and to reach a balance in which your body can sufficiently eliminate the toxins and wastes it creates and encounters without being overloaded. And althought it may take longer than you expect, it won’t take forever. All of your favorite “cheats” will always be there for you to enjoy, so on those tough, temptation-filled days you can say to yourself “I can eat those “blankity-blanks” after I’m back in balance”. But by then you will have the knowledge of how illness is created and you will be able to make an enlightened choice. You may even choose to say no.

Tamera at detoxyourway.com