Correct Your High Blood Pressure

I received the question of what fruit helps with high blood pressure.


This is a great question and I knew this person was thinking outside of the Medical Box by asking about fruit.

The good thing is that the way of True Detoxification corrects high and low blood pressure easily along with all other conditions. Live, raw foods and more specifically, the more astringent water fruits (oranges, grapefruits, grapes, lemons, limes) work the best and will move stagnant lymph or acids to the kidneys for elimination while alkalizing the body at the same time. This removes stress from the body and brings about balance.
You also need to make sure your kidneys are filtering that acidic lymph out of the body via urination. This is key.
The way to know if your kidneys are filtering lymph is to see if your urine is cloudy, no matter the color. If it is, then at least 1 kidney is filtering. This is hard to see looking directly into the toilet, so capturing the urine in a large glass container will tell you as well since the lymph will settle to the bottom (a little gross, I know, but effective). The longer you keep detoxifying with the fruit and vegetables, the more your kidneys will come back online if they’re off. It may also take specific herbals to help the kidneys to get going.
So the whole approach of eating the astringent fruits, alkalizing the body with these fruit mainly and other raw foods, decreasing the acidic foods (meat, grains, dairy, refined sugar, baked goods, etc) as much as you can (if not remove them from your diet entirely while detoxifying), and making sure the kidneys are filtering with herbs if needed, will bring your blood pressure down.
The fruit, lymph, adrenal and kidney connection:
The systolic or top number (ideally 120-130) has a direct relationship to the adrenal glands – the glands that produce neural transmitters (adrenal, ephinephrine, dopamine – etc.) and provide energy to our body organs and muscles when needed. So when that number is consistently up  – there’s mainly constant stress causing adrenal exhaustion.

The diastolic or bottom number (ideally 60-70) has a direct relationship to the kidneys which the adrenal glands sit on top of. It’s the kidneys’ job to filter acids from the lymph system and take them out of the body via urination. So when that number is up your kidney’s are slowing down because of adrenal stimulation and starting to lose their ability to filter the lymph/acids.


Stressors require the adrenals to produce more neural transmitters – some for energy jolts and others for shutting down other organs (like the kidneys) that detract from you dealing with the “emergency”. An example of this is the fight or fight scenario, so this is a natural body function. But if you are constantly stressed then you are constantly having mini fight/flight episodes that will eventually decrease the lymph filtration abilities of the kidneys.

So again, the lymph then backs up through out the body causing acidosis. There are other reasons why lymph backs up in the system that will affect your adrenals and systolic number as well – antibiotic medications which kill the bacteria in the lymph nodes – big no-no, mucus forming foods which cause immune responses, and steroid medications that “replace” the body’s natural production that starts in the adrenals, to name a few.


But 99% of the time, when you get the kidney’s filtering and get the acidic, stagnant lymph moving and eliminated from the body via the kidneys/urination, you will correct the problem – cancer, diabetes, high blood pressures, etc. You name it.



SO eat those astringent fruits to get things moving!

So go Fight for your Health Freedom with fruit