The Medical Myths Concerning Fruit Sugar

Here at Detox Your Way, we are constantly encouraging everyone to eat more fruit as it’s not only a perfect energy source, it is also nature’s medicine and your #1 Tool for Detoxification, with even vegetables coming in 2nd place.

Sugar is energy. If you avoid it you don’t get the energy you need and you’ll never feel the vitality you want.

Fruit sugar or Fructose is a carbon – a simple carbohydrate. Carbon is the base chemical of this planet and our bodies and is essential to life. Mother nature created delicious fruit for us to consume not because it was bad for us, but because it supports and fuels our physical bodies!

So let’s examine the miseducation of several medical myths associated with fruit sugar.


Fruit Sugar and Diabetes

Many diabetics are concerned about the fruit sugar negatively affecting their blood sugar levels. But there’s no need to worry.

Fruit Sugar or Fructose as a simple sugar or monosaccharide is absorbed directly into the cell wall; and therefore, does not require any insulin.

That’s great news for diabetics. That means you can enjoy fruit without it doing harm. And most importantly that means that you can start detoxing with fruits to reverse the condition.

There was actually a study that showed that eating fruit not only lowered your risk of developing diabetes, but also reduced complications in people who already had the condition.


Fruit Sugar and Candida

Ok – so what about the fruit sugar and yeast or candida albicans overgrowth? Well,

Fruit is actually beneficial in an environment of fungal or candida overgrowth. The alkalizing and cleaning/astringent properties of fruit help break up the congestion of stagnant and acidic lymph that the fungus/yeast feed upon.

An overgrowth of candida can only occur when there is fermentation, toxicity, and mucus in the body from which the organism can eat and proliferate. This doesn’t occur with simple sugars from fructose because it is absorbed directly into the cell.

I have a personal experience involving candida and fruit:

I followed a candida diet that took out all fruit and sugar out of my diet for almost a year. During that year I was practicing hot yoga and constantly sweating out my electrolytes, which naturally occur in fruit. I was eating salmon and brown rice and broccoli for most lunch and dinners and eating boiled eggs for breakfast. Let me tell you – I honestly had the lowest energy I had experienced in my adult life!!! It was like the walking dead. I was totally depleted and acidic. I just felt weaker and weaker until one day I ate an orange and WOW! I felt the immediate jolt of energy and power.

I dropped that candida health specialist that day and never looked back. And as long as I eat alkalizing fruit and vegetables – I don’t deal with candida at all.


Fruit and Cancer & Tumors

There is another medical myth that sugar feeds cancer and tumors. SO NOT TRUE. Cancer is only acidic damaged cells and tumors are only accumulated, stagnated, acidic, lymphatic waste that have not and cannot be eliminated properly from the kidneys. So those kidneys need to filter out the lymphatic waste or it will back up all throughout the body. That’s these conditions exist, not because of sugar and certainly not fruit sugar.

Sugar feeds all the cells of the body. That’s the way human beings were designed! And fructose is the highest, most energetic, simply processed and appropriate sugar for the human body.


Fruit Sugar DOES NOT increase your blood sugar levels.

Fruit Sugar DOES NOT feed candida or yeast overgrowth.

Fruit Sugar DOES NOT feed cancer cells or make tumors grow.

Fruit sugar is an amazing, simple source of carbon. It is highly energetic and life-giving. Fruit above all other food groups will give your body what it fundamentally needs to detoxify and heal.

So eat as much fruit as you can and feel your body get cleaner and stronger!