Nourishment for the Body and Spirit

In order to feed our spirit and body we must nurture ourselves with Conscious food.

So what’s considered conscious food? It is food that has life and gives life.

Conscious Food is Living. Raw. Electric. And provides the highest most available and easily digested nutrition to the cells in our body. Naturally this includes the highest vibrational food – Fruit and vegetables. Food that is cooked, processed, from animal sources are the least electric and conscious. Those foods have been “killed” through heat, industrialized, or not meant for human consumption anyway.

I love the saying “Pay your Farmer and not your Pharmacist”. It accompanies the image above. When you consume foods from the earth. That has fallen from the trees at their moment of ripeness to attract us much like the flowers to the bees. – we are truly living from nature’s bounty and following natural laws of medicine and healing.

Consume as many fresh fruit and veggies as possible. Avoid dairy, animal protein, fast foods, snack foods, and pastas.

Ignite your body on a cellular level!

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