Detox Course

The 2-week course of Daily Online Lessons will start at the end of March 2018 and will cover the following:

        • Health Deterioration
        • Major Processes of the Body
        • Alkalinity and Health
        • Where are you Now?
        • Why You Must Detox
        • Fasting and Diets for Detoxification
        • Creating a Plan for Yourself
        • Healing Crises
        • Detoxing and your Everyday Life
        • Rebuilding
        • Life after Detoxification
        • Plus…
        • Downloadable worksheets
        • BONUSES to assist in your Detox!

With the goal of helping as many people as possible and in exchange for your honest feedback throughout the course, I want to offer my 1st version of the course for only $85 (No payment now). You will be emailed with a payment link when the course is available.

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